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Giltronics Associates Inc production line includes transformers, chokes and power supply manufacturing. All products are ISO 9000 compliant, UL & CSA approved. We offer both high and low frequency products. Our switching power adapters are widely utilized for notebook computers, fax machines, printers, LCD monitors, USB hubs, technology for adapters. This technology enables us to produce the Power Saving Adapter that keeps the power consumption under 0.1w when the adapter is at waiting mode. Giltronics Associates Inc. always plays a key role in the global market by providing a total power solution to its strategic partners and resellers worldwide. Giltronics Associates Inc. remains committed to mass production capability without sacrificing prompt, timely manufacturing and world class quality.

Power Supply ManufacturingPower Supply Manufacturing    Power Supply Manufacturing

ODM and OEM Manufacturing

Giltronics Associates Inc. is focused on developing solutions, Power Supply Manufacturing, and providing post sales services to computer, communication, consumer electronics, and most importantly the 3C products. In addition, we are committed to providing OEM turnkey services to any integrated products. We are experts in the mass manufacturing of mobile phones, portable DVD players, motherboards, digital cameras, DVD and Blu-ray players, HGTV, LCD TVs, and much more. We are determined to provide our clients, existing partners, and prospective partners the distinguished ‘3H’ services – High Speed, High Quality and High Technology.