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Moving through the twenty first century has brought significant changes to our lifestyles. From everything we do to all that we treat, revolution has struck our lives bringing in significant changes.

Today, the modern house building has further revolutionized. From the latest technical structures to new facilities incorporation, it simply seems a race with no end.

Since the awareness for the sustainability and wastage has gone aboard, the minimum wastage procedures have idealized and the recycling of resources have continued to bring upon everybody’s lives.

New facilities like grey water in-house recycling have become an important part of the modern day houses. Grey water is the gently used water that from the bathroom sinks, tubs, showers and the washing machines. Not the water that has come in contact with the feces either from the toilet or the diapers but may contain food, dirt, grease oil and certain other household cleaning products.


Most of the greywater is easy to treat and recycle in comparison to black-water since the level of contamination is very high. Now that the proper facility and idealized construction has evolved, separate plumbing is now considered a part of the new built modern houses. With the separate plumbing system from the black-water, it is easier to collect and recycle the greywater directly within the home be for the domestic or the gardening no matter used immediately or stored for later use shortly.

On an average a household uses a lot of water every day which is normally made of more than 50% from the bathroom, 22% from the laundry, 19% from the garden and 8% from the kitchen. Showers use most of the water, followed by the washing machines.

Treated grey water generally carries lower health risks and depending on the treatment, now they purposes this grey water can be used has widened and includes laundry and toilet cleaning.

Using grey water in-house gets you a lot of benefits. Not just the sustainability is achieved, but for people who live in the drought-like areas are to be benefited highly. If someone lives in an area with water shortage, there is a great chance that the water bills would be spiking high. There would be water restrictions on the usage and there is a chance that you might not even have enough water! For this, not just you get to have water to use in such a condition but you also get to save money.


Furthermore, grey water usage also cuts down the amount of pollution going into waterways and decreases demand on infrastructure for sewage transport, treatment and disposals letter it work longer and more efficient.

Re-using water for the purpose of sustainability is something we all must practice today. Having water run-out quicker than ever due to the increasing population, it is important that we conserve it for the manhood which follows after us. It is no favor in actual, but a responsibility that lies on our shoulders for our generation to come.

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