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Life goes on despite the current coronavirus outbreak. Consumer Electronics Trends still affect our daily lives, albeit in a reduced capacity. At least for now. Below are several consumer electronics trends that have manifested before, during and hopefully after the current world crisis.


When it comes to consumer electronics trends, gaming is one of the biggest areas. Especially this year with the release of the new Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5.

PC Gaming also continues to be a powerhouse. With the release of new games, such as Doom Eternal, Resident Evil 3 Remake, and the new Half Life. Also included are new gaming cards such as the Radeon 580 and GeForce 1060. There’s more not even mentioning mobile gaming.

Consumer Electronics Trends 2020


Streaming is highly competitive in 2020. This is thanks to many streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO, CBS and Disney Plus. This can’t be more true given the current medical crisis striking the world. Viruses notwithstanding, the big three each have titles in demand like The Mandalorian, Star Trek Picard, and The Witcher. Given the fallout of the current crisis, there’s an impending rumor that feature films will find themselves available on these streaming services, instead of the big screen. As for consumer electronics, people are purchasing the latest devices. This includes things like Smart TVs, Streaming boxes, laptops and smartphones. The advent of big budget features on streaming may also influence the purchase of bigger TVs and more subscriptions.


5G is poised to take off some time this 2020 and is already available in many flagship electronics devices. This is one of the most anticipated consumer electronic trends this year. It will give mobile users practically the same internet experience as they do inside their homes and workplace. Areas without internet coverage may finally be covered. And vendors can expect the purchase of more consumer electronics.


Autonomous driving continues to improve. It may also be one of this year’s biggest consumer electronics trends. We can thank to the continued popularity of Elon Musk’s Tesla. More and more vehicles include assisted driving technology in order to compete, and take advantage of improving navigation technology.

Autonomous Driving


Given the current situation, people are more aware of tending to their well-being. Searches for thermal scanners, disinfecting technology like UV light wands have spiked as of this writing. This trend is will continue. Perhaps well after the crisis. Devices similar to Star Trek’s medical tricorder (made real in the past two years) may soon be released to an emerging health-conscious market. They may replace today’s current digital thermometers complemented with additional health-related readings.


More and more people and businesses are starting to appreciate the merits of 3D printing. They have for the past few years now. But 3D printing technology is to become much more affordable this year.

Consumer Electronics Trends 2020


This will further improve this year as phones continue to become more powerful. Also as users continue to be more empowered to become more creative in social media. Augmented reality is also planning to expand to more businesses as the technology becomes more affordable.

Consumer Electronics Trends 2020


In line with the digital health trends, we could expect a spike in the number of wearable devices in the market this year. Especially in the form of affordable fitness bands like Fitbit and higher branded wearables Apple’s improved Apple Watch. These devices are providing users with greater work versatility.

Other consumer electronics trends expected to come out in 2020 include further improvements in home automation technology, AI Assistants, consumer drones, and robotics.