Electronics Manufacturing Services | Printed Circuit Boards Assembly


Manufacturing is not just putting parts together. It is about coming up with ideas, testing principles, and perfecting assembly and engineering. Entrepreneurs ecosystem has changed the consumer market in an exciting way. But we have seen all the significant successes in information technology. Especially the emergence of smartphones has helped a lot. It has given the ability of many entrepreneurs to provide the users with impressive services through mobile applications. But apart from few top brands like Apple, the electronics has not seen the same level of growth. To develop a prototype, get it manufactured, and start selling it. It sounds effortless, but unfortunately, that is not the case. And probably this is the reason that there is few entrepreneur who wants to work in this field. Another reason is that to bring the product to the market is time-consuming and costly. But the electronic manufacturing industry has moved one step to solve this particular need. There are now system build companies which provide turnkey solutions. Following are the steps required build a project from start to end.

the concept is the first stage where the initial idea is to build, the market of the product is identified, and then changes are made to the preliminary plan so that it can be fit for the market.

In the next stage, the concept of the product is used to fuel the research that includes the identification of technology, methods required, and necessary vendors in producing the product. The research stage should consist of the detailed specification, so that cost analysis is conducted. The cost of prototyping and the cost of manufacturing should also be determined.

Circuit design
In circuit designing a schematic diagram is created using CAD tools. CAD tools require a full list of components. Simulations are also run at this stage to identify the working of the different parameter of components.

Packaging and printing circuit design
After the design process the next step is to think about packaging and physical layout of the product. After we have our physical layout, we can now proceed to appropriate printed circuit boards. At this stage, the decision is made regarding the right PCB design for the product as it will establish a primary frame for end product size. The connections, display, controls, and enclosures are also decided at this stage. In conclusion, this step chooses to the mechanical assembly and basic design structure. The housing is also created at this stage to fix the PCB and component assembly in it.

Prototyping and Trial production
The final result of the last step is a prototype. It brings the real shape and size of the end product.

Design review
After the product prototype is created, the design is reviewed for additional changes if required. And this process is called as design review process.

Manufacturing setup including test setup
The next step is for mass scale production and testing benches for quality assurance.

System Build
Now there are different manufacturers and consultants for every step mentioned above. But system builds companies provide not only PCB design but also the integration of components and housing product. The turnkey electronic manufacturing service includes PCB designing, PCB assembly, PCB testing, Electronic parts, system build, and integration.